Pre-Order, does that mean I will get it 100% for sure?

If we are sold out and cant find your plant you pre-order from us anywhere, you will get a refund AND 50% off on your next order!

Why do I need to Pre-Order?

Many plants are rare and hard to get. If you see your unicorn (hard to get) plant in our shop (Either Pre-Order or in stock) we recommend you to buy it as soon as possible. If you Pre-Order you also get the best price.

Do you ship to USA?

Yes, now we do! But remember the restrictions to your county. US shipping- 20€

Do you ship to Europe?

Yes! We will ship to whole Europe for only 15€!

How do you ship the plants?

The plants are usally shipped without nursery pots and they are inspected and pruned before we pack them in with wet paper and a plastic bag around. Then the whole plant is packed with tissue paper. 

How can I contact you?

Just send us a PM on Facebook or email to hello@wellplanting.com

What if the plant I want is sold out?

Many of our plants are hard-to-find and rare, so if you see we have your wishlist plant in stock our advice is to order asap. If the plant are already sold out you can type in your email and get a notification when we get it back. 

What if you dont have the plant I want?

Oh well, we know the feeling! Just PM us on Facebook or send us a email to hello@wellplanting.com and we will try to find the plant for you :)

We only sell plants for private collections and its not allowed to buy for resell.