A love of plants

Plants its not only a hobby for us, its a huge part of our life. It all started with one plant and in a few months we lost count at 150 plants. Our home felt more alive and we had brought the tropical nature inside, living with us. An indoor jungle with plants in every corner and on every shelf, just the way we want it. 

So, what about WellPlanting? Its really hard to find rare aroids in Europe, especially in Scandinavia, Norway! We want to make it easier for others, and thats why we offer rare and hard-to-find plants with a mix with some not so hard-to-find plants. We ship to whole Europe, US and Canada.

And who are we? Married with two kids, three dogs, a fish tank and a love bird. 32 and 31 years old, been together for 12 years and we both are currently taking our master degree at the local University.

All plants are select and inspected by us before they leave the nest. We've also taken extra care in how we package them to make sure they arrive as happy and safely as possible to their new home. If any problems, contact us please.

PS- Remember shipping plants will cause stress for the plants, and some plants will not be «Instagram-Nice» after the shipping. All of our plants are healthy tho, just give your plants love and some time to shine.